Custom Software Development for your Business

Ingenux Makes Your Company More Profitable by delivering innovative custom software development solutions for Windows, Mac and Cross Platform development projects. Since we offer full life cycle development services, you will get the confidence and uniformity you need to develop and integrate all your mission critical business software applications.

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We Do The Hard Stuff

Ingenux has been around over 10 years and we have custom developed pretty much every type of application and function there is available on the marketplace to date. We are expert custom software programmers that focus on developing complex mission critical business software applications that run your business. We create what others cannot and that is why our customers keep coming back for new upgrades and new projects.

Free Lifetime Warranty and Support

Ingenux is the only custom software development company in the industry that offers a no hassle lifetime warranty on each and every software we develop for our customers. We believe that if there is any issue, it is the responsibility of the software company to make sure it works because that is what you pay for when you get custom software. Software either works or it does not so make sure you have a software company that stands behind its work.

Custom Software Technologies Used

We specialize in .NET, C#, C++, Java, VB, SOAP, J2EE, iPhone and Blackberry development for Windows and Mac platforms.

Below are some of our recent custom software development successes:

Freight and Logistics

Photo Editor

Sales Dashboard

Music Mixer / Player

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Service Highlights

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • U.S In-House Staff
  • Custom Design Everytime
  • Focus on Usability
  • Source Code Included
  • Cross Platform Support